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At Pro Practice Transitions, we have

 developed a reputation for professionalism

and obtaining results for those looking to sell

or purchase a dental practice in

New England.


The personalized attention we give to

every seller and prospective purchaser,

and the professional relationships we

have developed ensure a positive

outcome to all involved in the

sales process.


Buyers and Sellers work with Pro Practice Transitions knowing they will be provided with excellent service & integrity.

Pro Practice Transitions was founded in 2013 on the principle that our clients come first.  To us this means honesty, transparency, and availability with every client.

Thomas Gentry

Owner, Transition Consultant

Tom Head Shot 2.jpg

Thomas Gentry is a highly accomplished Transitional Consultant based in New England - His excellence in the business is highlighted by many major transactions. Complementing his proven track record of practice sales throughout Massachusetts, Tom’s clients have hailed from all over the Country to work with him from Ohio, New York, Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona. He is not only a market savvy professional, but a genuine, determined, self-motivated individual who adheres to the belief that relationships trump transactions, and are the true keys to success.

Thomas began his career in Dentistry over 30 years ago, initially 

serving in the US Army Dental Corps. During that (8) year period, Thomas worked in both clinical and organizational aspects all over the world and received multiple recognitions and awards.

After serving our Country, Thomas utilized the skills he obtained in the military to begin managing dental companies here in New England. Thomas has managed all sizes of dental practices from small boutique to group practices, and a DSO based here in New England as a COO.


During these years, he had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most prestigious people in dentistry today, this provided Thomas to cultivate a unique niche in the dental marketplace. He is an avid communicator who has an innate ability to understand his client's needs. That coupled with his extensive knowledge of the industry and his network of contacts have attributed to his thriving success.

Thomas is always working toward his mission of making the dental transitions experience the best it can be for his clients.

"Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of developing strong relationships with both buyers and sellers that I have worked with or represented. To this day I keep in touch with majority on a routine basis.  My goal is to ensure the success of each transaction."

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